Harvest volunteers welcome!

Would you like to experience the harvesting and production of olives? We welcome volunteers who want to help us during the months of November and December for board and lodging. The work is physically demanding, but it's also a lot of fun and staying under the amazing olive trees is good for the soul. The maximum working hours are five a day, five days a week or 25 hours a week and there is always a nice picnic in the olive grove half way through. You don't have to be afraid of wet and cold, because we harvest only when the sun shines.

For more information, visit workaway at the following link: https://www.workaway.info/en/host/984324538286

There is also the possibility to stay with us as a guest and take part in the olive harvest as you wish. We will be happy to show and explain the entire harvesting process (laying out the nets, harvesting, sorting out the leaves, bagging, pressing process) if you rent a room with us in November/December. Be there, but decide for yourself how often and for how long you want to help!

Contact us if you would like to witness next winter's harvest.

Stella with harvest device
Andreas performs acrobatic feats
Elisa after finishing work: tired but happy
Barbecue Picnic
Anna lays out the nets
Rahel removes the fallen branches with the rake
Lauren and Pierre bag the olives
Strong arms and backs are required to lift the sacks
Finally it's lunch time
Viktoria and Tamas burn the branches

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