Country holidays for kids and youngsters

Kids and young people can spend their holidays in the Villa Elefheria with personal care, the best catering and numerous activities in the wild nature of south Crete.

Staying with us costs 50 Euros per day and guest. 

We accept not more than six children at the same time. Small groups allow us to respond individually to the needs and wishes of our young protégés. The psychological and physical well-being of our young guests is particularly important to us. 

After the escorted flight from home we pick up the youngsters from Heraklion airport and of course we also bring them back to the airport for the flight back and make sure, that they have a safe trip.

Visitors are accommodated in spacious rooms with private bathroom. In our house there are four guest rooms to choose from.

Dimitris is a professional chef and offers a rich five-star catering.
The interaction with the child-friendly local villagers as well as with the guests of the Villa Eleftheria enables a lively cultural exchange.

The guests can spend a lot of time with our animals. We feed and take care of the animals together.

The dogs are happy to participate in the activities around the house. 
Collected treasures from the nature are fed to the animals.
The fresh eggs we get directly from the laying boxes of the chicken yard.
We show our guests the cycle of nature.

Together we plant and cultivate the gaden, harvest the vegetables and fruits and process our own products in the kitchen. We boil, bake and preserve food.

From sheep's and goat's milk we produce cheese and yoghurt.
In the winter time everyone in our village Vagionia is busy with the olive harvest. Our guests learn how to produce olive oil and help with the farm work.

Other outdoor activities include hiking, climbing, swimming and cycling. 

Football and basketball can be played on the village sports field.

The excursions are all about having fun, enjoying crazy adventures and experiencing freedom in the breathtaking nature of Crete.

Dimitris and I are the greatest friends of children and as parents and grandparents, we are experienced in taking care of young people.

We look forward to spoil your children and to introduce them to our natural lifestyle.

Please contact us for more information and to clarify the details.

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