Educational leave "Live and work like 50 years before"

In the villa Eleftheria you can immerse yourself in a completely different world during your educational holiday. We offer you insights into our self-sufficient life and bring you closer to the Cretan traditions. You will feel like living in a different time, when community was essential for survival and human contact was am matter of course.

Choose your focus from the following topics and we will arrange a suitable program for your stay with us:

- Smallholder, sustainable agriculture, permaculture, self-sufficiency
  • Gardening (fertilizing, planting, plant care, harvesting)
  • Feeding and caring for our animals (goats, sheep, rabbits, poultry)
  • Olive trees (depending on the season: cut trees, cut wood, fertilize, till, water, olive harvest)
- Gastronomy, hotel industry
  • Preparation of typical Greek dishes, partly from own products
  • Production of cheese and yoghurt from sheep or goat milk
  • Gathering and canning of wild capers, gathering of snails (spring)
  • Collect, dry and prepare wild herbs and garden herbs (spring)
  • Harvesting, drying and canning tomatoes (summer)
  • Collect and preserve fruit
  • Harvesting and canning olives (autumn)
  • Preparation of the guest rooms and care of the guests
- Do-it yourself
  • Painting guest rooms and exterior walls
  • maintenance work in the house
  • Decoration of guest rooms and courtyard
- Adventure Crete
  • Explore Crete's mountains, gorges and coasts on hikes
  • Insights into Crete's history and traditions (visits to museums, archaeological excavation sites, traditional pubs, village festivals with folk music)
  • Introduction to the Greek language

Helene helps in the garden paradise
Gifts from mother nature
Silvana picks Vitamin C
Feeding of the duck followers
Best friends
The trailer is loaded with fertilizer - let's go to the olive groves!
The harvest team deserves a break
Cheese production
Yoghurt from sheep milk
Patience is needed for the caper picking.
With a little bit of training you can find the hiding places of the snails quickly.
The healing cistus plants grow in the Cretan mountains.
Tomatoes dry fast under the strong Cretan sun.
Olives from our garden
Spoiling guests is fun and cultural exchange opens new horizons.
Artful labeling of our house
Adventure hike to the Tripiti gorge
Museum visit for deep insights of culture and history of Crete.
Visit of archeological side Gortyna
Please contact us if you would like to spend your educational leave with us and let us know your favourite topics. We will be happy to send you an offer straight away and formulate a personal agreement for your employer.

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