Island of my dreams

Not a day has passed that I haven't seen the sun since I emigrated to Crete, the island of my dreams, in April 2015. I still wake up every morning and thank my fate, that I can be here. 

Meeting the locals and visitors from all over the world has enriched my life in ways beyond my imagination. I finally have the amount of freedom a wild person needs to be happy. Undreamt possibilities open up when you have a free hand in designing your house, growing vegetables and raising animals. We have created our own personal paradise.

Our house is like a ship that lovingly embraces all its human and animal inhabitants. The fertile Cretan soil gives us an abundance of tasty vegetables and sweet fruits. The goats and sheep provide us with fresh milk, which we process into a delicious cheese and the happy flock of poultry ensures that we can enjoy fresh breakfast eggs every day. The many hikes and bike tours in the wild nature of the Messara valley and in the Asterousia mountains with their beguiling scents of thyme and sage, as well as the countless baths in the crystal-clear sea water of the lonely bays of southern Crete, make my happiness complete. 

In the past few years I have laid the foundations for my new life on Crete. Together with my husband Dimitris, I have bought land with olive trees and we produce our own organic olive oil. From Dimitris' parents house we created the guest house Villa Eleftheria and we added the garden and the animals, which provide us with most of our food. 

Happiness shared is happiness doubled. That's why we offer our high-quality olive oil to all connoisseurs and friends of good taste and we invite our guests to our little paradise in Crete. We like to welcome nature and animal lovers, hikers, cyclists, adventurers, gourmets, anarchists, philosophers, hippies, children, as well as intrested and open-minded people to the Villa Eleftheria, the house of freedom. Holidays in the genuine south of Crete with the wild landscape and secluded beaches are unforgettable, We take our guests to the most beautiful places, show them the Greek lifestyle and spoil them with traditional Cretan dishes made from ingredients of our own garden and animals. 

Would you like to visit us and taste the Cretan olive oil or are you intrested in vacations in the Villa Eleftheria? 
Please use the contact form of this webside. We are looking forward to your message. 

Catia Letizia Neonakis

"I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free."
Nikos Katzanzakis (1885-1957)